Best screen recording app for developers

Best screen recording app for developers

As a frontend developer, being able to record your screen is crucial. There are so many situations where this is required:

  • Share a new UI or screen you've been working on
  • Give feedback or show a bug to a fellow developer
  • Giving an update to a client
  • Documenting a task
  • ...

In all those situations, you just want the recording to get going and share it as fast as possible.

In this blog post, I'll share some great tools for this purpose.

Vocal - Simplest record & share app

Streamlined user interface


Vocal is the simplest screencast app you can imagine. One click and your recording has started, two clicks and the video is ready + the shareable link copied to your clipboard.

It is the fastest way to record your screen and share the recorded video message.

Minimal permissions


Compared to screen recording apps like Loom, Vocal requests less permissions. Specifically, the very intrusive "Read and change your data on all your websites" is not needed with Vocal.

It only needs requests the screen recording permission, as it should!

Screenity - Open source screen recorder


Open source

As a developer, being able to review an app's code or even submit a pull request to fix a bug can be a sizeable advantage. Screenity has the incredible advantage of being open source!

Many features & options

Screenity has tons of features. Draw on your screen, only recorder a specific tab, trim and edit videos, you name it.

Loom - The famous app



It's worth talking about Loom as it's such a popular tool. Loom of course is a very complete tool with tons of features and a very reliable app.

Becoming too complex

Loom is unfortunately slowly targeting bigger and bigger enterprise businesses and is starting to feel complicated for many simple use cases. If that's your case, take a look at the apps above!