Transcribe your messages automatically

Most languages in the world are supported

Automatic language detection

You do not need to specify the language you want to use. It will be automatically detected.

Download transcriptions

Transcriptions are automatically shared with your recipients but you can also copy & paste them to re-use them.

Fast transcription

On average, transcriptions appear within a minute or two below your voice message

Perfect transcription for your voice messages

Use this section to show off one of your features in great detail.

Automatically split into paragraphs

Transcription is automatically split into paragraphs to make reading easy.

Perfect for billinguals

Speaking many languages? You can record one message in one language, the next one in the other and so on.

Audio to text sync

While playing your voice message, the word being pronounced is highlighted for easy listening

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Supported languages

We support more than 30 languages

  • Bulgarian: bg
  • Catalan: ca
  • Chinese: zh, zh-CN, zh-TW
  • Czech: cs
  • Danish: da, da-DK
  • Dutch: nl
  • English: en, en-US, en-AU, en-GB, en-NZ, en-IN
  • Estonian: et
  • Finnish: fi
  • Flemish: nl-BE
  • French: fr, fr-CA
  • German: de
  • German (Switzerland): de-CH
  • Greek: el
  • Hindi: hi, hi-Latn
  • Hungarian: hu
  • Indonesian: id
  • Italian: it
  • Japanese: ja
  • Korean: ko, ko-KR
  • Latvian: lv
  • Lithuanian: lt
  • Malay: ms
  • Norwegian: no
  • Polish: pl
  • Portuguese: pt, pt-BR
  • Romanian: ro
  • Russian: ru
  • Slovak: sk
  • Spanish: es, es-419, es-LATAM
  • Swedish: sv, sv-SE
  • Tamasheq: taq
  • Tamil: ta
  • Thai: th, th-TH
  • Turkish: tr
  • Ukrainian: uk
  • Vietnamese: vi

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