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SpeakPipe Review

Empowering Podcast Audience Engagement Through Voice Messages

What is SpeakPipe

SpeakPipe is an online platform that enables podcast hosts to receive voice messages directly from their listeners. The service provides a seamless way for audience members to record and send short audio messages to podcasters, fostering a more engaging and interactive podcasting experience. With SpeakPipe, podcasters can easily incorporate listener feedback, questions, and comments into their episodes, creating a stronger connection with their audience.

Feature Overview

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Voice Message Reception

SpeakPipe allows listeners to send voice messages to podcasters directly from the podcast's website or a dedicated voicemail page.

Personalized Voice Recordings

Podcasters can record short voice messages using SpeakPipe to ask their audience questions or prompt them for feedback, encouraging listeners to send in their own voice responses.

Customizable Voicemail Page

Podcasters can create a personalized voicemail page with a unique URL (e.g., to share on social media and in newsletters, providing listeners with a convenient way to record and send voice messages.

User-Friendly Interface

Listeners can send voice messages with just a few clicks, without the need to type anything. They also have the option to provide their contact information before uploading the message.

Inbox Management

All received voice messages are stored in the podcaster's SpeakPipe account, making it easy to access and manage them at any time.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

SpeakPipe's voice recorder works seamlessly on various devices, including iPhones, iPads, iPods, and Android devices.

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Who is it great for

SpeakPipe is an excellent tool for podcasters who want to increase audience engagement and create a more interactive listening experience. It is particularly beneficial for:

Podcasters seeking to incorporate listener feedback and questions into their episodes.
Shows that thrive on audience participation, such as Q&A sessions or listener-driven content.
Podcasters looking to build a stronger connection with their listeners and foster a sense of community around their show.
Hosts who want to gather testimonials or reviews from their audience to use in promotional materials or future episodes.

SpeakPipe offers a range of pricing plans, including a free option with basic features and paid subscriptions with advanced functionalities like longer recording durations, increased storage, and email notifications with audio attachments. The platform's user-friendly interface, customizable features, and cross-platform compatibility make it an essential tool for podcasters aiming to take their audience engagement to the next level.

Comparison: SpeakPipe vs. Vocal

Both SpeakPipe and Vocal are online platforms that enable users to collect and manage voice messages. While they share some similar features, there are also notable differences between the two tools. This comparison will focus on the features of Vocal that are similar to SpeakPipe.

Voice Message Collection

Feature SpeakPipe Vocal
Collect voice messages from listeners/recipients
Customizable collection form
Unique link for sharing
Add questions, text, or description to the form

Both platforms allow users to collect voice messages from their listeners or recipients. They offer customizable collection forms with unique links for sharing and the ability to add questions, text, or descriptions to guide the respondents.

Message Management

Feature SpeakPipe Vocal
View received messages
Listen to messages
Download messages
Automatic transcription -
Email notifications for new messages

SpeakPipe and Vocal provide users with the ability to view, listen to, and download received voice messages. However, Vocal offers automatic transcription of messages, which is not mentioned as a feature in SpeakPipe. Both platforms send email notifications when a new message is received.

Embedding Voice Messages

Feature SpeakPipe Vocal
Embed voice messages on website -
Customizable embedded player -
Tracking for embedded messages -

Vocal allows users to embed voice messages on their websites, with customizable players and tracking capabilities. SpeakPipe does not appear to offer this feature based on the provided information.


Feature SpeakPipe Vocal
Analytics for listened messages -
Email notifications for listened messages -
Timeline of listeners -
Spam protection -

Vocal provides analytics to help users track who, when, and where their voice messages were listened to. It also offers email notifications for listened messages, a timeline of listeners, and spam protection. These analytics features are not mentioned for SpeakPipe.

In summary, both SpeakPipe and Vocal are useful tools for collecting and managing voice messages. While they share some core functionalities, Vocal appears to offer additional features such as automatic transcription, embedding voice messages on websites, and detailed analytics. The choice between the two platforms may depend on the specific needs and preferences of the user.

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