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No sign-ups or verification required – just click, record, and share!

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Voice Note Recorder

Vocal.email is an incredibly easy-to-use, free cloud-based voice note recorder.

Share Instantly Across Platforms

Your message links are instantly shareable once you finish recording, allowing you to share your voice across numerous platforms.

Quickly record messages

Send them to friends, family, colleagues, or even groups using a shareable link.

Effortlessly Create and Share Voice Notes

The fast and user-friendly interface is perfect for recording and sharing your thoughts in a snap.

Record up to 10 minutes of audio and share it with anyone, anywhere.

Attract Listeners with Custom Titles

Add a custom title to your voice message to give listeners a preview of its content, enticing them to click and listen.

Embed Your Voice Messages with Just One Click

Vocal.email messages can be embedded effortlessly across platforms.

Take Control of Your Recordings

No captchas or sign-ups required – just click, record, and share. Maintain your anonymity by not including your identity in your message, ensuring your recording stays anonymous.

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Universal Embedding

Voice messages with Vocal.email can be embedded everywhere.

Dynamic player on Twitter

For instance, share a link on Twitter, and your voice message will be accessible in a player for all to listen.

LinkedIn Preview

When sharing a message link on LinkedIn, a preview, along with the custom title you created, will be generated, setting you apart from others sending messages.

Simple as Bonjour!

After completing your recording, simply click the copy button to obtain a link that lets you feature an audio player on your favorite social media. This feature is perfect for sharing stories, voice notes, narrated articles, or persuasive content.

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Effortless Recording Management

If you'd like to manage, store, save and retrieve your recordings at a later time, you can login and use your Vocal account.

Privacy comes first

Vocal.email allows you to record messages anonymously. You don't need to reveal your identity in your message, ensuring that your recording remains anonymous.

Manage your recordings

you can access and manage your recordings with ease. Review old recordings, delete them permanently, retitle them, or search through your library.

Personal touch

You can also add a profile picture alongside your recordings for a personalized touch

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