Analytics to help you stay on top

See who, when and where your voice message was listened to.

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Email notifications

We notify you when someone listens to your voice message

Get clear information about the event

When available, we'll provide the region in which the message was listened to as well as the device.

Spam protection

To avoid overloading you with emails, we automatically limit the amount of notifications you receive every day

Follow up quickly
Stay on top

Complete timeline of everyone who listened to your message

In the analytics section, you can see who listened to your message and when.

Newsletter & broadcast

Ideal to keep track of your audience, where they're based and how many people listened to your message.

Bots are filtered out

We do our best to prevent bots from being taken into account for the analytics.

Customisation possible

Need to know the exact email address of your recipient, this is possible through direct integration in our system.

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