About us

Let's make it personal

Our team

Our small team of two met while working on another product, we're both working remotely and part time (for now)


Fahad is a self thought frontend developer from Bangladesh. He loves to play video games and currently prepares for Uni.


Nathan is a self thought backend developer from Switzerland. He loves to listen to opera and is currently finishing his bachelor.

Our mission

We love writing long form text messages, but sometimes text is simply not enough. That's when you need Vocal.

Simple software

Every day, we ask ourselves what we could possibly remove. If we become a clunky app one day with too many features, we'll have failed.


For as long as possible, we will try to remain bootstrapped. This means we won't have the ressources to do everything and that you will always be able to reach us personally.

10x'ing communication over the internet

If we can make it easier and better for you to communicate over the web on a day-to-day basis, we've won!

Want to reach out?

You can contact us at team@vocal.email