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Full overview of how we protect you

Find out more about how we handle your voice data

The basics

Best in class infrastructure

We use well-tested and secure tools to run our app, from Cloudflare to Heroku.

Best practices

Database credentials are automatically rotated regularly, access to sensitive data is restricted, and more...

External audits

Our source code is reviewed by third parties.

Activity monitoring

We monitor our infrastructure activity closely, both internally and externally.

We don't sell or repurpose data

Your data is not shared with any third parties. We also don't use your data for any other purposes such as AI training.

Deleting is easy

We make it simple for you to delete your recordings and data.

Architecture decisions

We favour simplicity

We have designed our systems to be more simple than usual. This is to prevent complexity from creating risks and complications.

Reduce dependencies

Whenever possible, we try to rely on as few dependencies as possible.

Clear and easy permissions

Our cloud-stored messages can only be accessed if the recipient knows the unique id. There are no complicated privacy options or individual permissions.

Privacy at Vocal

A quick note on privacy from the founder

Being a small company, we can afford to be honest and direct.

First of all, there are many advantages to being small. Our infrastructure is easy to overview and we can monitor things easily.

Still, we know we aren't invincible.
Luckily, the data we hold about our customers is not critical (compared to financial data for example), therefore, hackers won't have too much of an incentive to attack us.
They will try of course. And we do all that is in our power to prevent this. And in case we are unsuccessful, we will of course let you know immediately and fix the security flaw.

Out of precaution, we don't recommend to store extremely sensitive data with Vocal (like your Bitcoin access key or passwords).

Finally, internal abuses are always possible. While we restrict access to recordings to the highest level (me!), you still have to trust me at the end of the day.

I promise not to access personal data without your permission.
Still, in theory, in the same way that the Google CEO could read your emails, I could access your recordings. I want to be explicit and transparent about this.

We look forward to serving you and are always available if you have questions or concerns.

Nathan Ganser, founder at Vocal