Works on your phone!

Gmail users can use Vocal straight in the app

Send voice emails on the go

Push the button and start recording your voice message while walking.

All in one app

No need to download a separate app. You can use Vocal on Gmail's phone app.

Painless usage and login

You are automatically logged in. No need to login again from your phone.


We love Gmail

Vocal works in Gmail on both Desktop and Mobile.

No message restrictions

You can send as many messages as you want on the free plan.

Voice messages are saved in the cloud

Voice messages can be listened to through a simple click. They can be deleted at any time.

120Messages sent in the last week

30-seconds demo

After installing our add-on, a new Insert from Vocal appears in your gmail menu.

Record on the go
Easy to use
Automatically logged-in
Screenshot 2022-03-16 at 15.56.36.png

Easy to listen to

Your recipient can listen to your voice memo with a simple click on the image.

Simple to use
Safe and secure
Fully integrated

Send your first voice note

Install our Gmail Add-on now