Send voice notes via email

Simply record your voice and send audio messages in Gmail and Outlook

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No app required

Your recipient can listen to your voice messages directly in their inbox.

Gmail, Outlook and more

Our app is available on all major email clients and on all major platforms.

You are in control

Voice messages can be deleted after sending, so you are in full control.

Save two hours per day

Voice messages are 10x more efficient than typing.

One-click record

Vocal works where you work (Gmail, Outlook). No need to learn a new tool.

Reduce your response time even more

Speed through your inbox. Answer your clients on the go with our mobile add-on.

Summarize and explain complex things

No need to go over long emails anymore. Just speak and send.

Business owners
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Be your customer's most personal experience on the Internet

You care about your customers. Let them know.

Tell your story

You are more than a brand. Show your personality and build deep connections with your customers.

Be your customer's friend

Voice messages are for friends, and you. Build a personal relationship withe very customer.

Build empathy

Turn frustrated customers into understanding allies by sending a personal voice note.

Love the personal touch
Enjoy the simplicity
5 / 5

Vocal has allowed me to reply to all of my clients via e-mail way faster and I now have the opportunity to scale my business even further.

Nolan - Fitness coach
5 / 5

I'm saving at least 4-5 hours in a day at my workplace using this extension. I can simply record a message and send it to all my customers to resolve their queries.

Harish - Customer success
5 / 5

Vocal has saved me many hours per week and made me significantly more productive throughout the day.

Ravi - Hotel director

You can read more reviews on the Chrome Store, Trustpilot or the Google Workspace Store.

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Recipient can simply listen

Your recipient does not need to be using Vocal or to install anything to hear your voice messages.

.mp3 attachment

Voice notes are attached as mp3 messages to emails, to make listening as simple as possible.

Send from your phone

You can send voice messages from your phone straight inside the Gmail app.

Web version available

Voice messages can be listened to via a simple link that you paste in the email.

Customise the experience

Add a profile picture, change your signature, background and more.

Shortcuts for full speed

Use built-in shortcuts to make sending voice messages even faster.

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