Easily send voice messages in Gmail

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Explain complex ideas

Some things are hard to explain per text. Send an audio message instead.

Communicate better

Text can be understood in many ways. Your voice and tone says a lot, use it.

Build trust

Working remote or dealing with distant partners? Send an audio message to build trust and strengthen the relationship.

Easily send audio emails

Record and send a voice note to your contacts in seconds

1-click recording

To the right (or left) of your feature text, you can add a product display just like the ones in the hero section.

Audio stored on your computer only

Your audio recording is stored locally on your computer. We don't store it anywhere else.

Be more you

Email is just text and humans don't relate to it. Audio messages are much more personal and create a real connection with the listener.

Looks great
Easy to use
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Reviews from our happy customers

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I purchased Vocal and gave it a try and after my first email (with the recording) I was blown away. I hate typing and most people don't like reading long emails. So this is a great solution for me and my subscribers.

solesky - App Sumo

Good Gmail addon tools let us work more effectively, and this definitely fits in that category as well as being affordable for SMB owners.

Sumo-Ling - App Sumo

VOCAL was east to install and setup. I use it to send fast voicemails to my clients for project updates and fast responses, therefore, I do not have to type as much. A HUGE time saver.

Linnin - App Sumo

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