Record your screen and webcam in a breeze

Easy to use browser extension to communicate better over the Internet.

Unlimited recordings

There is no limit on recordings. You can send as many messages as you want. For free.

Screen, webcam or both

Add your face for a personal touch or record your screen only. As you please.

One click recording

No complicated settings or configuration. Just start recording. Your past preferences are saved.

Beautiful shareable pages

Treat your recipient with the best experience.

No aggressive promotion or ads

We don't display aggressive ads or promotional content.

Simple and easy to use

Simple interface. Your recipient won't be confused.

Youtube-like experience

Fast-forward, changing the video quality. Your recipients can do as they please.

Looks great
Easy to use
Try it yourself!

Minimal permissions required

A screen recording app does not need to Read and change all your data on all websites.

Protect your data

You don't need to worry about how we use the permissions you've given.

Simplicity at core

We don't embed things on top of your HTML pages. You can simply record your screen without worries about CSS breaking.


Vocal in action

30s demo, from recording to sharing.


We offer discounts for annual plans


This layout looks best with 2-3 tiers.

  • Record as many videos as you want
  • Recordings limited to 1 minute
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If you have more tiers or lots of features, try the table.

  • Record as many videos as you want
  • Record for as long as you want
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All Chromium browsers are supported

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