Tutorial: How to Install Vocal for Gmail (Chrome Store Extension)

Tutorial: How to Install Vocal for Gmail (Chrome Store Extension)

Are you tired of typing lengthy emails? Vocal for Gmail is here to revolutionize your email experience. This tutorial will guide you through the process of installing and using the Vocal for Gmail Chrome store extension. With Vocal, you can easily record voice messages and attach them to your emails, making communication more personal and efficient. Let's dive in!

Step 1: Search and Install Vocal for Gmail

- Open the Chrome Store and search for "Vocal for Gmail".

- Locate the Vocal extension and click on the "Install" button to add it to your browser.

Step 2: Open Vocal and Connect with Gmail

- After installation, Gmail will automatically open.

- Look for the Vocal onboarding welcome page.

- Click on "Continue" to proceed.

Step 3: Start Recording

- In Gmail, you will notice a new mic icon added to the interface.

- Click on the mic icon to start recording your voice message.

- A login prompt will appear. Select the Gmail account you want to use.

- Once logged in, the recording begins.

Step 4: Control and Customize

- Press the Enter key as a shortcut to start recording automatically.

- Use the pause, stop, or reset buttons to control the recording process.

- After stopping the recording, you can edit the name of the voice message file.

Step 5: Customize Settings (Premium Feature)

- Explore the Vocal settings to configure additional options.

- Change the theme, avatar, image, and signature message of your Vocal recordings.

- Decide whether to attach the MP3 file of your recording to the email.

Step 6: Attach and Send the Voice Message

- Finally, attach the voice message to your email by clicking the attachment button.

- The MP3 file and a small image representation will be added.

- Review your email and click "Send" to deliver the message.

Step 7: Playback by the Recipient

- The recipient will receive your email with the attached voice message.

- They can listen to the voice message by clicking on it within the email.

- Alternatively, they can click on the attached MP3 file to play it separately.

Step 8: Manage Recordings

- For easy access to your Vocal recordings, visit the Vocal Email app.

- By logging into appvocal.email, you can find all previous recordings.

- Furthermore, you can manage your subscription and access additional features.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed and used the Vocal for Gmail Chrome store extension. Now, sending voice messages through email has become effortless. Vocal makes communication more personal, allowing you to convey your thoughts and emotions better. Download and try Vocal for Gmail today to revolutionize your email experience.