How to monetize YouTube podcasts with Gmail voice messages

How to monetize YouTube podcasts with Gmail voice messages

YouTube Podcasts are now a reality. YouTube has recently allowed adding podcasts to one’s YouTube channel.

This is the time your content marketing strategies need some changes now.

How? Worry not. We will tell you some innovative ways to monetize your YouTube podcast traffic. For this, you only need to send voice messages using Gmail.

With our told ways, you can plan to monetize your YouTube podcasts with the grace of Gmail voice messages. Here’s how...

How to Monetize a YouTube Channel with Podcasts

Before we start the ‘how’, let us tell you the ‘why’ behind sending voice emails to YouTube channel members. It will help you understand the power of our YouTube podcast monetization plans.

Digitizing Experience Marketing Imagine how excited they would be to hear your voice in a message only for them. With such experiential marketing, they will be closer and more loyal fans. It is the perfect way to make way for word-of-mouth marketing.

Philip Kotler-inspired Podcast Marketing 4.0

Do not forget to include your listener’s name in your messages. If you are not aware of it, read their email address. This way, you also succeed in giving a human touch to connectivity with technology.

Plus, it will assure people that all this is not pre-recorded voicemail.

Community Building for Content Loyalty To keep your community growing, you need to pay attention to channel members. Yes, where there is money, there is work. This will help you build a long-term community.

Consultancy Revenue Model Apart from 1-on-1 interaction, you can upsell by starting a consulting based business. You can do this on monthly retainers or on a per project basis. There are so many consulting services to provide, for example: • HR Consultancy • Management Consultancy • Sales Consultancy • Career consulting, etc.

YouTube podcast monetization via Gmail voice messaging is suitable for service sector professionals. Like: • Business Coach • Teachers • Motivational Speakers • Charity organizers, etc.

Anyone who runs a YouTube podcast with business acumen can monetize it. By offering 1-to-1 interactions to subscribers with channel memberships.

Finally, here are the...

Ways to Monetize YouTube Channel Podcasts with Voice Email Messages

Your YouTube podcast growth can work in your favor in the following ways:

1. Use YouTube Channel Membership Podcasts can be created on every YouTube channel now. So, to create paid channel memberships, you need at least 1,000 subscribers. Along with this, you need to register for the YouTube Partner Program. Don’t get disheartened so soon if you have not reached there yet. As your long-term player in the game, continue to host your podcast to reach them.

For this, make sure that your content is top-notch for your target audience. This will give people a good reason to pay you for your channel membership.

The same will let you stay exclusive. That means as long as they pay for the channel membership, you are with them. Yay!

Don’t worry; you can keep track of your members using the YouTube Analytics dashboard. In case you see any canceled memberships, use Gmail Label to sort them out.

2. Offer personal 1-to-1 interaction. As a small channel, you can also leave your email among your viewers. So that they can contact you. No problem.

But remember, since they want more from you, you ought to give them more value from your side too. The same is possible with personal 1-to1 interaction.

You can send them your email for this. This is much better and more convenient than giving your number to the public. Later, when you grow, keep this available for paid channel members.

3. Use is a web app that can make all this possible without any fuss. In case you do not know, recording voice messages for email is a boring and time-consuming task. It is both a time and productivity killer.

Trust us, you do not want to send voice messages using your operating system (Windows or Mac). Especially the time when you are on the way to monetizing your YouTube podcasts.

This is why is a blessing.

One might think, but I can use WhatsApp Business or any other instant messaging app for this.

Here’s the catch: You cannot give your number like that to the world. Even the Psychology Today blog confirms that you are more desirable when you play hard to get.

Research also shows that talking is better than typing messages. For better social connections, choose to talk instead of typing. Remember, a connection is more important than communication.

4. Start direct response marketing. Effective direct-response marketing comes with personalized offers, says renowned marketer Neil Patel.

As you all know, email can help you increase your revenue. But don’t generalize this fact. Not every automated email campaign is effective and successful for everyone.

But when you send personalized voice message emails, it is less likely to be ignored by the recipient.

Plus, since you are already a person of authority to him or her, your email open rate is going to be positive.

Here’s how you can create your YouTube podcast funnel in 10 steps: 1. Let’s summarize and revise our plan. 2. Make use of paid channel memberships or ask them to email you. 3. Remember, they are qualified leads as well as your fans. 4. Give them a solution to their problem, as per your business type. 5. Personalize by taking their names between your voice messages. 6. Upsell them further with any other paid service or product of yours. Don’t rush; salesmanship means more understanding and less selling. 7. Your goodwill with them can help you get more sales. 8. Make sure to have a website of your own where you can upsell. 9. Do not forget to add a UTM tracker to your attached website link; use Google Analytics for this. 10.If you do not know about it, Google it. It is easy. 11.After that, you can even run Google Ads to remarket your leads.

Remember, as soon as you enable paid channel membership on YouTube you have two choices. You can stop doing this for free, or you can create another email to interact with your paid members.

The process is the same for both free leads and paid members.

How can I use email to increase sales revenue? Some of you might be feeling overwhelmed by now, thinking about how you will manage so many people. Well, here is a bit of motivation for you: You can do it. The Internet distracts people, doesn’t it? This is why, Gmail voice messaging saves your sent messages from distractions and lack of attention.

PRO-TIP ON: • NICHE: You have different topics to speak about on your YouTube channel's podcast. Like, suppose one day you talk about influencer marketing. Then, on the other day, you may talk about making money online. In this scenario, you can be a media consultant or a digital commerce entrepreneur. • ROLE: Here it is better to be clear about your occupational role. For this, define the niche of your podcast. • EXPERTISE: The reason behind it is that people want specialized and personalized advice. So be an expert to earn like an expert.

Why is for you? Whether you are a charity organizer, sales executive, YouTube podcaster, or online teacher. It does not matter. You can consider mailing voice messages over text emails. The ‘why’ of everything is above. By using, you get to increase: • User Engagement • Content Loyalty • Personal Brand Authority • Exclusivity of paid content and • Revenue from Content Monetization

Apart from this, with '' you can send voice messages from your Gmail message box. With this, no plug-ins, no switching to tabs, and no opening of other apps are needed at all. This is pure convenience.

Such a feature and facility of will maximize your business productivity.

With full control over your sent voice message, you can also delete your sent email at any time. Yeah! Can you delete your sent Gmail message? No, but with, you can.

This way helps you become professional and personal together.

Your email content remains your piece of intellect, with no one to copy-paste your hard work. All this without having you compromise your perceived personal brand value.

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Get to experience the dream of monetizing YouTube podcasts with voice messages now.

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