3 Best Audio Message Apps you need to know about in 2023

3 Best Audio Message Apps you need to know about in 2023

We communicated over text for the last few thousand years of our human existence: basically since we invented written language.

Thanks to technology, we're now easily able to communicate via voice messages: for free and across most communication channels.

Apps like iMessage have popularised voice messaging as a way to communicate with each other and in today's article, we'll explore three apps to send audio messages that you might (or not) know about!

Vocal - Audio messages in Gmail

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Vocal, a Chrome extension and Outlook/Gmail extension launched in 2021 has become the most popular tool to send voice messages via email. In case you wondered if this was possible, yes it is!

Voice messages are either attached directly as MP3 files, or can be listened to through a click on a link from within the email.

Through using the Gmail or Outlook extensions directly, users can send audio messages straight from the Gmail or Outlook mobile app, which is very powerful to send an email while walking for example.

Zenly - Audio messages with transcription

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Zenly, which will unfortunately be shut down in the coming months, is (or was depending on when you read this) a social media app focused on helping you to stay in touch with friends based on a map view of the world. The app shows you how much battery your friends have and where they are right now.

Besides the many other features we'll skip, Zenly was the first really popular social media app to offer transcription for voice notes, so you could read your friend's voice notes in case you couldn't listen to them (because you are in a quiet place, or doing something else).

WhatsApp - Most popular voice messaging app

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We couldn't finish this listing without mentioning Whatsapp, the most popular voice messaging app in the world. It is the platform on which the largest amount of audio messages are sent every day: 7 billion voice messages per day!

What about you? Getting ready to send voice messages? Choose your app and get started!